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PCB application in consumer electronics and industrial equipment

2020-10-21 12:14:30

Consumer Electronics

Smart phones, computers and many other consumer products that people use every day require PCBs to function. As we add electronic products to more products, PCBs have become an important part of our daily lives.
Manufacturers are producing smaller and smaller smartphones and laptops with many advanced features that require small PCBs with a large number of connections. PCBs used in consumer electronic products also require relatively low costs to keep the final product prices low. Manufacturers also need reliable circuit boards because they need their products to perform their intended functions in order to continue business.

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The PCB of consumer products includes:

Communication equipment: Smart phones, tablets, smart watches, radios and other communication products require PCBs to function.
Computer: A computer used for personal and corporate functional PCBs.
Entertainment system: Entertainment-related products (such as TVs, stereos, and video game consoles) rely on PCBs.
Household appliances: Many household appliances also have electronic components and PCBs, including refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers.
The use of PCB in consumer products will certainly not slow down. The proportion of Americans who own a smartphone is now 77% and is still growing. Many previously non-electronic devices now have advanced electronic functions and become part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Industrial equipment
The use of printed circuit boards in the industrial sector varies greatly. Electronic components power many equipment in manufacturing and distribution centers and other types of industrial facilities.
PCBs used in industrial fields usually require extremely high power and are durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions existing in industrial facilities. PCBs may need rough handling, machinery that resists vibration, extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. In order to meet this need for durability, industrial PCBs can be made of durable metals or heat-resistant materials and are thicker than other types of PCBs. Industrial PCB assembly services may include through-hole technology to improve durability.

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Some industrial applications of PCB include:
Manufacturing equipment: PCB-based electronic power drills and presses for manufacturing.
Power supply equipment: PCBs are used for components that supply power to many types of industrial equipment. The power equipment includes DC to AC power inverters, solar cogeneration equipment, etc.
Measuring equipment: PCBs usually power equipment that measures and controls pressure, temperature, and other factors.
With robotics, industrial Internet of Things technology and other types of advanced technologies becoming more and more common, new uses of PCBs have emerged in the industrial field.