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PCB application in LED

2020-10-20 19:26:52

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are key components of electronic components. Most people use them every day without even thinking about them. They are vital to all kinds of industries. PCB has many applications, today I will introduce the role of PCB in LED:

Light-emitting diode (LED) is an increasingly popular lighting technology used in residential and commercial lighting, and it is used in many industries such as automotive, medical and computer technology. LEDs are favored for their high energy efficiency, long life and compactness.

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One of the roles that PCB plays in LED applications is to dissipate heat from the bulb. High temperature will reduce the average life of the LED. Therefore, PCBs used for LEDs are usually made of aluminum, which can transfer heat better than other metals. This eliminates the need for an additional heat sink in the design, which means it can become more compact.

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You can find LED PCB in the following locations:
Residential lighting: LED lighting including smart bulbs can help homeowners illuminate their houses more effectively.
Storefront lighting: Companies can use LEDs for signs and store lighting.
Car display: LED PCB may be used for dashboard indicators, headlights, brake lights, etc.

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Computer monitor: LED PCB powers many indicators and monitors on laptops and desktop computers.
Medical lighting: LEDs provide strong light and hardly emit heat, making them ideal for medical applications, especially those related to surgery and emergency medicine.
LEDs are becoming more and more common in various applications, which means that PCBs may continue to play a more important role in lighting.