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Do you know which parts of cars and airplanes use PCB?

2020-10-23 15:07:05

PCBs are key components of electronic components, and they are vital to a variety of industries. PCB has many applications. Today we will introduce the most commonly used printed circuit boards for automobiles and airplanes.

Car parts
Automakers are using more and more electronic components in their vehicles. Previously, PCBs were only used for things like windshield wipers and headlight switches, but now they have many advanced features that make driving safer and easier.
Depending on which part of the car the PCB is used for, it may need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures or vibrations. It is also important that if the safety functions of the car are involved, they must operate reliably. Because of these challenges, manufacturers may use high-temperature laminates, aluminum or copper substrates, or through-hole mounting components. Because of their ability to withstand vibration, they also use rigid-flex PCBs.

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We can see PCB in the following auto parts:
Entertainment and navigation system: Integrated navigation and entertainment stereo systems and systems rely on PCB.
Control system: Many systems that control the basic functions of the car rely on electronic equipment powered by the PCB. These include engine management systems and fuel regulators.
Sensors: With the development of automobiles, manufacturers are integrating more and more AD811ANZ sensors. These sensors can monitor blind spots and warn drivers of nearby objects. The PCB is also necessary for a system that enables cars to park automatically in parallel.

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These sensors are part of enabling the car to drive autonomously. Fully autonomous vehicles are expected to become common in the future, which is why a large number of printed circuit boards are used.

Aerospace parts
Electronic products used in aerospace applications have similar requirements to those in the automotive sector, but aerospace PCBs may be exposed to more severe conditions. PCBs can be used in various aerospace equipment, including airplanes, space shuttles, satellites, and radio communication systems.
Aerospace PCB manufacturing requires materials that can withstand large amounts of vibration, extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions. Certain aviation PCBs even need to be able to operate in outer space and must be very durable. Plates made of lightweight materials such as aluminum can also be used in aerospace. Anodized aluminum can be used to increase oxidation resistance.

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Some uses of PCBs in the aerospace industry include:
Power supply: PCB is a key component in the equipment that powers various aircraft, control towers, satellites and other systems.
Monitoring equipment: Pilots use various monitoring equipment (including accelerometers and pressure sensors) to monitor the functions of the aircraft. These monitors usually use PCBs.
Communication equipment: Communication with the ground control station is an important part of ensuring safe flight. These critical systems rely on PCBs.