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New process of high voltage electrostatic separation for road plate recovery equipment

O-leading O-leading.com 2018-11-28 14:58:41

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Circuit board recycling equipment has become a new model of rational use of raw materials in the new era, all kinds of circuit board including household appliances, mobile phones and computers, all kinds of electronic products, printed circuit board and other electronic motherboards. In the process of production, these motherboards contain a large number of copper and precious metals including gold, silver, zinc and other metal substances, recycling can form a new circular economy, in actual production has a high economic value, and in line with China's vigorously advocate sustainable development strategy, so it is supported by national policies.

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Environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment USES circuit board crusher for mechanical crushing, high voltage electrostatic separation of the new process. After disassembly, crushing and dissociation, the separation of metallic and non-metallic substances is carried out with high purity. The special comminution and dissociation equipment of all kinds of waste circuit boards is organically combined to achieve greater energy saving effect and high metal separation rate in the production process. ? Good comprehensive performance, computer board, computer board, television board and other circuit control board has a unique effect. It is also compatible with the recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitor parts. Circuit board recovery equipment production line less manual automation procedures, high efficiency, and occupies a smaller area, less labor, no pollution, no noise, circuit board recovery equipment processing single set of equipment is the capacity of 1 ton and the recovery rate of copper than similar manufacturers 3% to 5%.

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