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Comprehensive investment analysis of circuit board recycling equipment

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-11-26 17:05:39

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First, the environmental protection processing technology of the circuit board recycling equipment: the circuit board recycling equipment uses the mechanical separation method to crush and separate the waste circuit board, the processing energy is low, the production process has no secondary pollution, and the metal separation rate is high, and then the two are used. The difference in conductivity is the use of electrostatic sorting technology to recover the metal in the waste circuit board, and the remaining non-metal materials are made into polymer material products through a specific process, which can achieve the dual purposes of energy saving, emission reduction and resource recovery. Complete process: electronic component disassembler is used to remove the electronic components attached to the circuit board; the electronic circuit board is broken by the double-shaft shredder and crusher, and processed into metal powder and resin fiber powder. The crushing device of the mixture; the airflow sorting device is used for preliminary separation of the resin fiber powder and the metal powder; and then the electrostatic sorting device is used for further separating the resin fiber powder from the metal powder, thereby completing the entire waste circuit board recycling process.

Second, the market prospects of circuit board recycling equipment: Faced with the large amount of e-waste that comes with it, countries are paying attention to the pollution caused by them, and are developing corresponding countermeasures and solutions. Overwhelming waste appliances and electronics are turning from world processing plants into world dumps, a dilemma that challenges environmental and economic sustainability strategies. Pollution control of e-waste has become an important part of industrial pollution control and sustainable development. Regarding the issue that the value of circuit board recycling equipment is not worth investing, the national policy is concerned with the key points, the introduction of national policies and subsidy information, the analysis of the market scale, development status and investment prospects of the circuit board equipment industry, and the circuit board equipment industry. The future development of the company makes scientific trend predictions. We believe that the current investment in circuit board recycling equipment has high returns and has good investment value. (Engine Power Module manufacturer china)

Third, the circuit board recycling equipment sorting effect: circuit board recycling equipment is the use of characteristics directly on the circuit board for crushing and sorting, to achieve the purpose of circuit board crushing, processing raw materials can include waste home appliances, copper clad laminates, frame materials, miscellaneous boards, mobile phones In addition to the board, the equipment can be processed not only for the waste circuit board, but also for other electronic waste waste materials.

In summary, the circuit board recycling equipment makes the waste circuit board recycling a "second resource", promotes the optimization of the environment, solves the environmental pollution of the waste circuit board, and has high metal separation rate, and the waste circuit board recycling equipment is repeatedly exported  to foreign countries  for many times and received high praise!

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