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Can circuit board recycling equipment solve the problem of electronic waste pollution?

O-leading o-leading.com 2018-11-23 17:29:08

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Although the potential value of e-waste is very high, due to its complicated structure and containing toxic and harmful substances, in order to realize the harmlessness and resource utilization of e-waste, advanced circuit board recycling equipment technology is needed. Mechanical treatment technology can realize the separation and recovery of various components of electronic waste, generally including disassembly and separation and crushing and sorting. It is worth mentioning that the mechanical treatment technology is only the classification and enrichment of the components of electronic waste, and its resourceization should also include the deep processing of sorting products to truly realize the recycling of electronic waste.

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With the rapid development of science and technology, the endless technological innovation and the continuous market expansion demand have greatly accelerated the upgrading of electronic and electrical products, resulting in a large amount of electronic waste. Adhering to the concept of green recycling and clean production, Greenjet Environmental has developed a number of mechanical processing technology production lines for waste electrical and electronic products, including mechanical processing technology including disassembly and separation and crushing and sorting. The mechanical processing technology of circuit board recycling equipment includes methods such as disassembly and separation, crushing and sorting, etc., which will not cause secondary pollution and solve the problem of electronic waste pollution. (High Frequency PCB wholesales china)

The resource characteristics of disposing of waste circuit boards are summarized. The current application is widely used in the future development of waste processing circuit resources recycling technology. The waste circuit board is mainly composed of organic reinforced resin, glass fiber, copper foil and electronic components. It contains a large amount of valuable metals and also contains precious metals, which has high resource recovery value. Therefore, the environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment can effectively realize the harmless recycling of waste circuit boards, realize resource utilization, reduce environmental pressure and prevent environmental pollution, improve the recycling rate of secondary resources, and ensure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of China. Development has a very important meaning.