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Is Apple 5G mobile phone coming

2019-03-14 15:27:47
PCB is a support for electronic components and a carrier for electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a "printing" circuit board.

Previously, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi and other mobile phone businesses have released 5G mobile phones, and the launch time of Apple's 5G iPhone has also received much attention. With the news that Apple has selected the PCB supplier of the 5G iPhone, it means that the 5G iPhone may appear in the second half of this year. As 5G is a new specification, it is expected to set off a huge wave of change, which will help drive a new wave of the stock market.

According to the report, Taiwan Optoelectronics, Yuding, and Taijun did not comment on individual customers and orders, but the layout of the factories on the counter has been disclosed as a preparation for large customers' 5G orders.

Multiple Flex-Rigid Board factory

It is understood that the demand for heat dissipation of 5G is much higher than that of 4G. Taiwan Optoelectronics has prepared the specifications of 5G smart machine materials due to the design requirements of new materials for carrier board and soft board, and has prepared the specifications of 5G smart machine. In place, it will be more flexible and quick to combine with the flexible board to expand the supply.

Yu Ding cooperates with customers to set up a dedicated testing department in 5G applications. Yu Ding stressed that the company's long-term growth and development goals will be based on continuous investment in advanced technology research and development, and continue to cooperate with the market demand for research and development in 5G related applications.

Taiwan’s global soft board market share last year was about 5.5% to 6%, and this year’s fight continued to improve. Taichung County is a 5G-related application business opportunity for card slots. It began to be laid out three years ago and is expected to enter the harvest this year.

Prototype PCB Assembly company china

The high growth of China's PCB industry will be the core driving force for the growth of domestic PCB companies.

With the continuous development of the global electronic process, the demand for 5G, cloud servers, and automotive electronics will continue in the future. It is expected that the PCB industry, which is the "lifeline" of electronic products, will grow steadily with CAGR 3.1%. Under the current global competitive landscape, China's regional PCB production value accounted for 50%. However, from the analysis of corporate ownership, foreign PCB manufacturers (Taiwan-funded, Japanese-funded) are still in a leading position, and the future opportunity for mainland PCB manufacturers lies in the large replacement space.

In the future, domestic PCB companies will surpass the core logic of foreign-funded PCB companies: based on the strong demand of China's own brands, using cost leadership, reporting more firm beliefs, and continuing “R&D investment” + “capacity expansion”. At the same time, foreign-funded enterprises are already in a conservative situation, so domestic PCB companies are expected to achieve substitution and overtaking. In the following, we focus on how to compare the main business characteristics and competitive advantages of domestic PCB industry core enterprises from financial indicators.

Consigned PCB Assembly factory

Horizontal Analysis of Profit Efficiency Indicators of PCB Industry Companies

Taking the return on net assets, sales gross profit margin and sales net profit margin as the main reference indicators, and assisting in analyzing the profitability of PCB listed companies with per capita revenue and per capita net profit, and establishing a scoring mechanism with reference to its historical financial indicators, the weight of profitability indicators Under the 40-point standard, according to the latest annual data, the total scores of Chongda Technology and Jingwang Electronic Profitability Index are 30 and 28 points, ranking the top 2, reflecting the company's leading edge in profitability.

Horizontal analysis of operational quality indicators of PCB industry companies

Surplus cash guarantee multiples, accounts receivable than revenue, accounts payable than revenue, inventory-to-revenue. Comprehensive analysis of the company's operational quality, and establish a scoring mechanism with reference to its historical financial indicators. Under the operating quality index weight of 40 points, according to the latest annual data, it shows that the main operating quality of PCB companies are good, and the difference is small. Among them, Chongda Technology ranked first, reflecting the company's leading edge in operational quality.