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In the PCBA processing, how is the program "moved" into the chip?

2019-10-17 10:10:07
PCBA processing technology has become increasingly mature, with a wide range of applications, playing a key role in today's various intelligent devices.
In order to make the board realize the expected design function, in addition to the hardware in place, there is no need for software or program matching support, then the problem comes up:Double Side PCB manufacturer china.

How can the program be "moved" through the IC?

I believe many friends have already guessed, the answer is burning.

Burning, the process of moving the program into the internal storage space of the chip

Generally divided into offline burning and online burning

Offline burning Multi Layer PCB manufacturer china.

The chips are compatible with the chips in different packages through various adapters, and the chips can be used together with the adapters to achieve program burning. The adapter itself is a precision fixture. Different adapters are required for different chips and different packages.

Nowadays, the package of a wide range of Emmc chips is being used in the direction of small and flat BGA, QFN, etc., and the price of the adapters of such packages is not low.Flex printed circuit board supplier.

If there is an error in the production test, and the production backtracking is re-corrected, it is necessary to remove the chip from the adapter and re-run according to the prescribed process, which is time consuming and laborious, and the cost is high. There are some unexpected situations when the pcba is processed and produced. If the temperature of the circuit board is not high enough, the chip will be deformed when the chip is removed, which increases the risk of scrapping.

Online burning

The online programming uses the standard communication bus of the chip, such as USB, SWD, JTAG, UART, etc. The interface is generally fixed, and there are fewer pins to be connected during programming. Since the interface communication rate is not high, the general cable can be used for burning without high consumption.

Since the online burning is programmed by wire connection, if an error is found during the production test, the faulty PCBA can be traced back and re-burned without disassembling the chip. Not only saves production costs, but also increases the efficiency of burning.