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How to judge high quality PCB circuit board

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-09 11:16:56
With the rapid development of mobile phone, electronics, telecommunications and other industries, continue to grow and rapid growth at the same time also prompted the pcb manufacturer in china quantity, people for the components of the number, weight, color, material, precision and reliability requirements more and more high.

However, due to oem pcb board manufacturer china market price competition, PCB board material costs are also rising in the trend, more and more manufacturers in order to enhance the core competitiveness of low prices to monopolize the market. However, these ultra-low-cost behind is to reduce the cost of materials and process production costs to get, but the device is usually prone to cracks and scratches, its precision, performance and other comprehensive factors are not up to a serious impact on the use of the product can be Welding and reliability, and so on.

Faced with a wide variety of PCB circuit board on the market, to identify PCB circuit board can be judged from two aspects. The first method is to judge from the appearance of points, on the other hand is from the PCB board itself to determine the quality requirements.

Under normal circumstances, PCB circuit board appearance can be judged by three aspects;
1, the thickness of the circuit board on the standard circuit board is different in size, the customer can measure the thickness of the product according to their specifications and specifications.
2, the external circuit board has ink cover, the circuit board can play the role of insulation, if the color of the board is not bright, less ink, insulation board itself is not good.
3, the circuit board due to more parts, if the welding is not good, easy to fall off the circuit board parts, seriously affect the quality of the circuit board welding, the appearance of good, carefully identified, the interface is very important point is very important.

High-quality PCB board needs to meet the following requirements
1, electrical connection to meet the requirements.
2, the line width, line thickness, line spacing meet the requirements, so as to avoid the line heat, open circuit, and short circuit.
3, by the high temperature copper is not easy to fall off.
4, copper surface is not easy to oxidation, affecting the installation speed, after oxidation soon after the bad.
5, no additional electromagnetic radiation.
6, the surface of the mechanical properties to meet the installation requirements.

The above is the PCB circuit board to determine the quality of the way, in the purchase of PCB with imedance control, be sure to keep your brain with you.