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How to maintain the stability of electroless copper plating solution for PCB circuit board?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-09 10:33:28
In the printed circuit board manufacturing technology, pcb manufacturers understand that although the key is deep copper process. Its main role is to make double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit board of non-metallic holes, through the redox reaction in the hole wall deposition of a layer of uniform conductive layer, and then through the plating thick copper plating, to achieve the purpose of the circuit. Pcb circuit board manufacturers to achieve this goal must choose a stable performance, reliable chemical copper liquid and the development of the correct, feasible and effective process.

pcb manufacturer in china of chemical accumulation of copper due to low cost, simple operation, do not need to heat and other benefits were widely used in plastic plating, but the chemical accumulation of copper technology, there is a poor stability and low accumulation of shortcomings, pcb circuit board manufacturers and therefore how to adhere to The stability of chemical copper is an important issue.
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer use formaldehyde as a rehabilitation agent chemical copper reaction not only in the activation of non-metallic appearance, and can be carried out in the solution itself, pcb circuit board manufacturers to generate a certain amount of reaction products after the copper powder, then the response Is carried out catalyzed and sensitive, in order to control the solution itself, the rehabilitation reaction, usually can use the following method.

First, Circuit board manufacturing to add the stability of copper ion complexes, pcb manufacturers appropriate travel complex concentration or the use of strong complexing agent. Second to reduce the load. The third participates in the stabilizer. The fourth successive filtration solution, with a continuous filter to remove the solid metal impurities in the solution, to avoid the occurrence of self-catalysis. The fifth air mixing, mixing both to the accumulation of speed, but also to make the solution of copper itself in the rehabilitation response was manipulated. The sixth way to stabilize the chemical copper plating and the pace of accumulation is usually hatred, and therefore to stabilize the main, and then seeking the speed of travel, otherwise, because of small loss.