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How much do you know about PCB test probes?

2019-08-10 10:29:29
The PCB probe is a contact for electrical testing. It is a high-end compact electronic hardware component. It is an important electronic component and is a carrier for connecting electronic components.
PCB probes are widely used to test a data transfer of PCBA, conductive contact, through the data of the probe conductive transmission function to determine whether the product is in normal contact and the operational data is normal. AOI Testing supplier china.

PCB probe process and life
PCB probe manufacturing process is generally used in domestic needle bar SK4 rhodium plated, needle tube phosphor bronze tube gold plated, spring piano wire gold plated, needle sleeve is brass plated gold plated, domestic average life expectancy 20,000-50,000 test life, imported well-known brands are not The spring down pressure test test life of the average mass life of about 80,000-300,000 times. Laser Stencil manufacturer china.

Classification of PCB probes
ICT probe
Commonly used spacing is 1.27mm, 1.91MM, 2.54mm, commonly used series: 100 series, 75 series, 50 series, mainly used for online circuit testing and functional testing, ICT testing and FCT testing in the measurement of PCB empty board use.
Double probe
Used for BGA test, it is relatively tight, and the workmanship requirements are relatively high. Generally, the mobile phone IC chip, notebook computer IC chip, tablet computer and communication IC chip are detected. The diameter of the needle body is between 0.25MM-0.58MM.
Switch probe
The switch probe has a single probe with two currents, and the normally open normally closed function of the control circuit. Multilayer PCB manufacturer in china.

High frequency probe
It is used to test high frequency signals, with a shielded ring that can test within 10 GHz and 500 MHz without a shield ring.
Rotating probe
The elasticity is generally not high because its penetration is inherently strong and is used for OSP-treated PCBA testing.
High current probe
The probe diameter is between 2.98mm and 5.0mm, and the maximum test current is up to 50A.
Battery contact probe
Generally used to optimize the contact effect, good stability and long life, the contact area of the mobile phone battery is conductive, SIM data card slot and the commonly used charger interface conductive place are used more.