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How many PCB substrates do you know?

2019-11-27 14:57:28

The PCB circuit board is a necessary circuit board for equipment and electrical appliances, as well as a necessary carrier for software implementation. The substrate, as the name implies, is basic and is the basic material for manufacturing PCB circuit boards. Generally, the PCB substrate is composed of resin, reinforcing materials, and conductive materials There are many types. The more common resins are epoxy resin, phenolic resin, etc. The reinforcing materials include paper base, glass cloth, etc. The most commonly used conductive material is copper foil, which is divided into electrolytic copper foil and rolled copper foil.

Single Sided Aluminum Based PCB

According to the PCB board reinforcement materials are generally divided into the following types:

Phenolic PCB paper substrate

Because this PCB board is composed of pulp and wood pulp, it sometimes becomes cardboard, V0 board, flame retardant board, and 94HB. Its main material is wood pulp fiber paper, which is a kind of PCB pressurized and synthesized by phenolic resin. board.
The characteristics of this paper substrate are that it is not fireproof, can be punched, has low cost, is cheap, and has a relatively low density. We often see XPC, FR-1, FR-2, FE-3 and other phenolic paper substrates. And 94V0 belongs to flame retardant cardboard, which is fireproof.

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Composite PCB substrate

This kind of powder board is also made of wood pulp fiber paper or cotton pulp fiber paper as the reinforcing material, and glass fiber cloth is used as the surface layer reinforcing material. There are single-sided half-glass fiber 22F, CEM-1, and double-sided half-glass fiber board CEM-3. Among them, CEM-1 and CEM-3 are the most common composite-based copper clad laminates.

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Fiberglass cloth substrate

Sometimes it also becomes epoxy board, fiberglass board, FR4, fiberboard, etc. It uses epoxy resin as the adhesive and glass fiber cloth as the reinforcing material.
Features: High working temperature, little impact on the environment, this board is often used in double-sided PCB.

Other substrates

In addition to the three commonly seen above, there are also metal substrates and laminated multilayer boards (BUM).
At present, printed boards using FR4 materials are the largest and most used printed boards in the world. They are usually classified according to glass fiber cloth weaving, glass category, classification according to flame retardant performance, and classification according to loss level.