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There are 3 points of PCB puzzle way

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-12 14:14:46
PCB puzzle is to put a few small pieces of PCB together to facilitate the production. PCB puzzle can pcb board manufacture china to save costs and improve production efficiency, but also can facilitate the PCBA processing plant for SMD welding.

When you make an imprint, you can easily separate multiple boards to avoid damage to Custom Circuit Boards china when you are segregated, depending on the shape of a single variety you make to determine which puzzle to use. PCB puzzle way mainly V-CUT, punching, stamp hole three ways.

The first PCB puzzle is V-CUT, V-CUT refers to several boards or the same board together in a combination of splicing, and then PCB processing board after the completion of the board with V-CUT machine cut a V-groove , You can break apart when use it.It is a more popular way Pcb prototype manufacturer china.

The second PCB puzzle is the groove, the groove refers to the board and the board or between the board as needed by the milling machine milling, the equivalent of digging.

The third PCB puzzle is the stamp hole, the so-called stamp is used with a small hole between the board and the board link, looks like a stamp above the zigzag, so called stamp hole link. Stamp hole link between the board and the board need high control between the burrs, that can only use a little stamp hole instead of V line.
PCB puzzle size can not be done too much, nor too small, in short, the size of PCB puzzle must be convenient PCBA processing plant patch welding.