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Do you know the importance of PCB design throughout the design of electronic products?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-13 14:21:08
In the development of a new electronic products, the early work is to carry out a complete design of the entire electronic products. Throughout the electronic design, High Quality PCBs china is the core component of the physical carrier, all of our design intent is the ultimate realization of the performance through the PCB board. So the PCB design in any project is an important part of it.

But in the previous design, PCB design work is for connectivity purposes without any other features and performance challenges. So in a very long period, PCB design in the entire project status is very low. Usually by the hardware logic to connect the designer to the physical connection of Custom Circuit Boards china.

With the rapid development of electronics and communication technology, today's PCB design is already different from the past, a new challenge. Mainly in the following aspects

First, the signal edge rate is getting faster and faster, on-chip and off-chip clock rate is getting higher and higher, and now the clock frequency is no longer a few trillion in the past, hundreds of gigahertz clock on the board more and more universal. As the rapid development of chip technology, the signal edge rate is faster and faster, the current rising edge of the signal are about 1ns. This situation will lead to system and board SI, EMC problem is more prominent.

Second, the integration of the circuit is growing, I / O number of more and more, making the board interconnect density continues to increase; due to the increasingly powerful, more and more integrated circuit. Chip processing technology level is also getting higher and higher. Past DIP packaging in the current board almost disappeared, a small pitch BGA, QFP chip into the mainstream package, which makes the PCB design density will increase.

Third, product development and time to market to reduce, so that we must face the challenges of one-time design success; time is the cost of time is money. In the field of electronic products such as the replacement of particularly fast, the product available one day earlier, the opportunity to obtain profits will be much larger.
Fourth, because the PCB is the physical carrier to achieve the product, in high-speed circuit, PCB quality is good or bad between the product features and performance. The same device and the connection, the different PCB carriers, the result is different.

So, now the design process has been slowly changing. In the previous design logic function design often accounted for more than 80% of the hardware development and design, but now the proportion has been declining, in the current hardware design logic function design only 50%, the PCB design part also Accounting for 50% of the time. pcb board manufacturer china expect that in the future design, the logic of the hardware overhead to be smaller and smaller, and the development of design rules and other high-speed PCB design costs will reach 80% or even higher.