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A trick to get the quick spelling skills commonly used in PCB

2019-06-21 10:45:15
The so-called imposition is actually a piece of veneer into a large board, leaving V-Cut, craft edge, stamp hole and other process spacing, placing fixed holes and optical positioning points. There are a lot of students' practice before. It is not necessary to copy the board completely. It only needs to copy the board frame as required. Rigid-flexible pcb factory.

Today we will demonstrate with a single board 1 spell 4 . Rigid-flexible PCB with ENIG.
The size of the board as shown is 62*39mm.

Select the board frame to start imposition, this place should consider the direction of the interface above the board, when the imposition is to avoid the situation of the interface soldering the device against the board! Printed circuit boards supplier.

Increase the fixed hole and optical positioning point on the side of the process and the process. Generally, the width of the process side is 5mm! The fixing holes are made of non-metallic vias with a diameter of 3 mm.
See here we have completed the imposition of the board!
PS: If your friend is using other software, (because the compatibility of AD conversion is relatively strong, it is relatively simple!) You can also go to AD to fight for him, save it as a DXF and give it to him.