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50% of people don't know the classification of PCB

  • Author:o-leading.com
  • Source:o-leading.com
  • Release on:2017-07-15
PCB divided from the performance for the universal metal base copper clad laminate; flame retardant metal base copper clad laminate; high heat-resistant metal base copper clad laminate; high thermal conductivity type metal base copper clad laminate; superconducting heat type metal base copper clad laminate; high frequency type metal base copper clad laminate; multilayer metal base copper clad laminate.

Generally, the thickness of copper (not including copper foil) is less than 0.8mm of epoxy resin clad laminate, called sheet (IPC standard is 0.5mm). Epoxy glass cloth CCL thickness below 0.8mm thin board is suitable for punching processing, and it can also be used as the core material required in the fabrication of multilayer board.

Different from the commonly used reinforced rigid organic resin laminate has three types of woven glass laminate; paper base copper clad laminate; composite base copper clad laminate. In addition, there are special reinforcing material composed of copper plate, as well as: aramid fiber non-woven fabrics, copper clad laminates, synthetic fiber based copper clad laminate.

At present the common subject of resin: phenolic resin, epoxy resin (EP), polyimide (PI) resin, polyester resin (PET) and polyphenylene ether resin (PPO) and cyanate ester resin (CE), PTFE resin (PTFE), bismaleimide resin (BT) was three.

Through the above, we believe that for the PCB plate material has some understanding, PCB in many different material classification, classification, properties, applications are different, so, in use, the PCB plate material should have a general understanding, only to understand the PCB material classification, the application of PCB in order to better.

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