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What are the categories of PCB board materials?

  • Author:o-leading.com
  • Source:o-leading.com
  • Release on:2017-07-15
When it comes to the PCB board (Printed circuit board supplier), I believe everyone will feel very strange, in fact, PCB plate material in life we often contact, it is understood that the current electronic devices are almost cannot do without the PCB board ( pcb manufacturer in china ), such as calculators, watches, computer and so on, even the military weapon system is also used, so is quite strong PCB board, general PCB plate material classification a lot, use different materials, for this point should be understood, let us look at the classification of PCB plate material.

What are the categories of PCB boards (pcb board manufacturer china)?
According to the CCL, they can be divided into rigid copper clad laminate and flexible copper clad laminate.

Usually rigid copper clad laminates are intermittently laminated. Flexible copper clad laminates are heavily used to form copper foil on polyimide or polyester films. The finished product is soft and has excellent folding resistance.

According to different insulation materials and structures, according to different insulation materials and structures, they can be divided into organic resin CCL, metal base (core) copper clad plate and ceramic base copper clad laminate.

Metal clad copper clad plate is usually composed of three parts: metal substrate, insulating medium and conductive layer (usually copper foil). One or both surfaces of a metal substrate to be chemically or electrochemically treated are coated with an insulating dielectric layer and a copper foil, which is compounded by hot pressing.