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pcb industry development prospect analysis report

2020-07-08 11:26:26

At present, China has become the world's largest PCB producer and one of the regions in the world that can provide the largest PCB production capacity and the most complete product type. On the whole, despite the large number of local PCB companies, their scale and technical level still have a certain gap compared with the foreign-funded companies that have set up factories in mainland China, and their competitiveness is slightly weaker.

According to the analysis of China Research Institute's Puhua research report "Consultation Report on the Supply and Demand Forecast and Development Strategy Research of China's PCB Industry in 2020-2025"

China PCB industry development status
From 2008 to 2019, the output value of China's PCB industry increased from US$15.057 billion to US$38.92 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.03%, far exceeding the overall global growth rate. The financial crisis in 2008 caused a great impact on the global PCB industry, and the Chinese PCB industry was not spared. However, in the context of the global PCB industry shifting to my country, China's PCB industry recovered fully after 2009 and maintained a rapid growth trend overall. In recent years, China's economic development has entered a new normal. Although the growth rate has slowed down compared with the past, it has maintained medium-to-high-speed growth and is in the forefront of the world's major economies. Throughout the development of my country's PCB industry since the 21st century, the overall fluctuation trend is basically the same as that of the global PCB industry. Benefiting from the continuous transfer of production capacity of the PCB industry to China, coupled with the stimulation of strong demand growth in downstream fields such as communications electronics, consumer electronics, computers, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, national defense and aerospace, the growth rate of China's PCB industry has been significantly higher in recent years The growth rate of the global PCB industry.(Industrial Control PCBA Customize Multilayer Printed Circuit Board)

PCB is very important in the construction of 5G base stations. The growth of PCB comes from the increase in the amount of equipment brought about by the improvement of device functions, including the increase in the number of layers per unit area. The PCB value consumed by a single 5G base station is almost three times that of 4G. It is expected to bring an incremental market of 21 billion to 24 billion yuan to the PCB industry every year during the construction period. PCB board is an extremely decentralized market. There are 1300 PCB companies in China alone, most of which are in the fields of single-layer boards and double-layer boards.

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What is the relationship between PCB and 5G? What is the impact of 5g mobile phone development on PCB

The arrival of 5G will drive the development of a series of industries, including the PCB industry. Many people are curious about the relationship between PCB and 5G. The development of 5G is inseparable from the construction of large-scale data centers, and it is bound to increase servers. The development of servers is inseparable Open the PCB. As the mother of the electronics industry, PCB is also the carrier of all components. The PCB industry has the largest proportion and the most benefit in this chain. From transportation to industrial applications, from mobile phones to entertainment applications, the impact will be everywhere. The number of 5G base stations is much larger than the current 4G base stations, especially in the blind spot area will cover a certain number of micro base stations, which undoubtedly drives the demand for communication PCB boards. PCB manufacturing is no exception. Although it will take some time to implement 5G on a large scale, the fact is that every industry, including PCB manufacturing, needs to be prepared for the upcoming changes.