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301 Proposal for tax duty plus tax proposal, PCB, semiconductor equipment, LED, security, and panel

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-04-16 17:03:03

The U.S. Trade Agents Association today issued a list of 301 tariff proposals. The U.S. trade representative proposed to impose an additional 25% tariff on the Chinese products on the list, and tax the value of imported Chinese products to make up for the technological losses suffered by the United States.

The list contains about 1300 independent tariff items, worth about $50 billion, involving aerospace, information and communications technology, robotics, and machinery. China Merchants Electronics Group has arranged parts related to the semiconductor and electronics industry chains to include: LEDs, PCBs, laser devices, semiconductor devices, capacitor resistors, thyristor diodes, touch screens, and optical prism lenses.

1. Consumer Electronics Industry Chain

Comments: This mobile tariff list does not contain mobile terminals, and once again verified our previous judgment in the strategy report released on March 27, iPhone and many other consumer electronics products will not be included in the list of tax increases. The components or equipment manufacturers, less direct exports to the United States end customers, and mainly to Foxconn, Heshuo, Flextronics and other assembly plants, often re-exports in the bonded area and settlement in Hong Kong, will not face direct tariffs. The list of tariffs was released and the boots finally landed.

2. Security

Comments: Security is not affected in this tariff list. Several of the Chinese version (85284905/85284910, etc.) mentioned the video monitor, but in English it is a color video monitor, which is actually a monitor.

3. Laser equipment 84561170/84561170/84561190, laser equipment for the production of printed circuit/process metal

Comments: Through the first time laser exchanges with the Han nationality, the proportion of Han's laser exports to the United States is about 1%. The impact of this trade war has been minimal.

4. LED85414020, light emitting diode (LED)85419000, diodes, transistors, similar semiconductor devices, photosensitive devices, semiconductor devices, led and piezoelectric crystals 90330020, LED for LED backlighting

Comments: (1) LED chip manufacturers have a very small proportion of exports to the United States, Sanan Optoelectronics exports to the United States between 2-3%, while the other two strong, Huacan Optronics and Australian Ocean Shunchang's exports to the United States are It is even less. (2) LED downstream areas have no impact, 85329920/85392930 and other projects mentioned increased tax on lights, but the English text is filament lamps, ie incandescent lamps. (3) According to LEDINSIDE's statistical data, in 2017, the three major LED projects related to this taxation, the total industry-to-US export volume was only US$46 million.

5. PCB85299005/85299006, for color TV PCB, ceramic substrate 85299033/85299089, for color TV components containing two or more PCB, ceramic substrate components 85299046, for color TV PCB and ceramic substrate components combined components

Comments: (1) The tax increase in the PCB field is only for the tax increase on the PCB used by the TV. And domestic PCB manufacturers export to the United States is relatively low, such as Sheng Hong Technology from the United States less than 1% of local income (2) have more entries (85287130/85439068, etc.) mentioned printed circuit components (PCA), but PCA is not a PCB.

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