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Why use black ink for Apple mobile phone PCB! Where is the black PCB special?

2019-05-08 10:53:18
As a printed circuit board, PCB mainly provides interconnection between electronic components. Color is not directly related to performance. The difference in pigment does not affect electrical properties.

Whether the performance of the PCB is good or bad is determined by the materials used (high Q), wiring design and several layers of boards. However, in the process of washing the PCB, black is the most likely to cause chromatic aberration. If the raw materials and manufacturing processes used in the PCB factory are slightly deviated, the PCB defect rate will increase due to chromatic aberration. This directly leads to an increase in production costs.

Secondly, because the black PCB's circuit traces are difficult to identify, it will increase the difficulty of repair and debugging during the R&D and after-sales phases. Generally, if there is no brand of RD (R&D) designers and powerful maintenance teams, it will not easily use black. PCB. It can be said that the use of black PCB is a brand's confidence in the RD design and the post-maintenance team. From the side, it is also a manifestation of the manufacturer's self-confidence.

Based on the above two reasons, major manufacturers will carefully consider the PCB design when selecting products. Therefore, most of the products that were shipped in the market in the past were red PCB, green PCB or blue PCB. Only the black PCB could be seen in the mid-to-high end or top flagship products. So once there was a black PCB that was a high-end product, a kind of "hardware superstition" of good things.

Therefore, although the black PCB board must be high-end goods, the use of black PCB board reflects the confidence of a manufacturer in its own products, and also reflects the cautious workmanship. Because the subsequent maintenance of the products produced by the black PCB board is difficult, if the quality is not enough, the subsequent maintenance costs will be very large.

Therefore, products using black PCB boards are generally designed independently, and high-end products that have confidence in product quality will be used. In order to reduce maintenance costs, product quality control using black PCB boards will be more stringent, which can improve the yield of manufactured products.