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Why does the electromagnetic heating control circuit board often burn out?

o-leading o-leading.com 2019-01-25 11:14:29

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At present, many companies in the market report that after they use the electromagnetic heating controller to transform, the control circuit board will often burn out. This problem makes them have a headache, and the enterprises that want to carry out the transformation are discouraged, even for this kind of New energy-saving technologies are questioning.

The reason for the above situation is mainly because the concept of electromagnetic heating energy-saving technology has attracted the interest of many people in the industry, and it is also very popular among enterprises. There are many manufacturers and agents who want to engage in or intend to intervene in this industry, and there is no technical strength to directly adopt civilian use. The induction cooker control panel is applied to industrial plastic machines, and even some manufacturers who used to do induction cookers use the original induction cooker movement directly.

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Of course, the induction cooker circuit board itself has no problem, if it is used to manufacture the induction cooker, it will be stable, will not burn out, and can have a certain service life. However, it can't be used on plastic machinery, because plastic machinery and the induction cooker environment are fundamentally different. The use environment of plastic machinery is much more complicated than that of household appliances. In the industrial environment, there is unstable grid voltage and various machines. Various harmonic interferences, etc., will cause the board to be very unsatisfactory and often burn out. In fact, the daily working hours of household induction cookers are only 2 to 3 hours, while the average working time of plastic machinery is 20 hours per day. Some enterprise equipments work longer hours. (Net Power Module manufacturer china

Therefore, industrial electromagnetic heating and electromagnetic cooker have essential differences, no matter in the circuit board design circuit protection scheme and the selection of electronic components are different requirements, from the electronic components, it is divided into civil, industrial and grade, Industrial-grade electromagnetic heaters must be used above the industrial level, otherwise it will be inevitable to burn out the controller.