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Which areas of the PCBA board cannot be coated with three anti-paints?

2019-09-29 10:03:52
For some people who are just in contact with the three anti-paint, because they do not know the characteristics of the three anti-paint, for fear of improper use, it will cause damage to the circuit board components, especially which areas of the circuit board should be shielded when the three anti-paint is applied. Which areas can be coated, so it is often asked which areas of the board can not be coated with three anti-paint? Panel Plating Gold wholesales.

In fact, this is not very specific in the industry, and is related to the actual needs of users. Generally, connectors, switches, heat sinks, gold fingers, positioning holes, etc. are shielded before they are applied. According to the experience, the following areas cannot be coated with three anti-paint.

The requirements for most products when applying three anti-paints are as follows: GOLDEN FINGER BOARD supplier.

Areas that cannot be coated:

1. Areas that require electrical connections, such as gold pads, gold fingers, metal through holes, test holes, etc.;
2. Battery and battery holder;
3. Connector;
4. Fuse and outer casing;
5. Heat sink;
6. Jumper;
7. The lens of the optical device;
8. Potentiometer;
9. Sensor;
10. A switch without a seal;
11. Other areas that will be affected by the coating or performance.

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For example, inductive components, after applying three anti-paints, may affect electrical properties, must be tested beforehand.

Area that must be coated:

Except for the above mentioned areas, all other solder joints, component legs, and component conductor parts should be coated. Generally, the entire board is coated after protecting the components that must be shielded.