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When innovation meets the 5G era, PCB strives to build a scale production base

chipstores chipstores.com 2018-03-20 10:49:55

PCB is known as "the mother of communication". With the development of urbanization in China, the demand for communication facilities is still very large. Coupled with the advent of the 5G era, the development of China’s communications will require the strong support of PCBs. Before the advent of the new era represented by 5G, the manufacturing industry was faced with the need for upgrading and intelligence.

Under the pattern of globalization, the division of labor in the internationalization of the industrial chain has become more and more clear. With the advantages of the labor force and capital, China has begun to gradually occupy the leading position in the low-end links of the industrial chain.

In the PCB (printed circuit board) industry, the printed circuit board industry is almost upstream of all consumer electronic products. Whether it is a mobile phone, a computer, a tablet, or a display, etc., circuit boards are used. This report covers the Chinese printed circuit board industry. Health status. Through detailed analysis, we can draw the following conclusions:

China is the world's largest PCB producer, but its scale is smaller than its traditional counterparts such as Japan and South Korea.

The production of low-end and middle-end PCB products in China's PCB companies is relatively mature. Both high-end PCB products are in the initial stage of R&D and manufacturing, and their competitiveness is insufficient. Foreign and Taiwan-funded enterprises occupy a considerable part of the market, squeezing out local companies. The living space, which is also due to the small number of local companies with sufficient strength, needs further investment in R&D.

Due to limited raw materials and complicated processing technology, PCB companies' upstream materials such as copper foils are in short supply. The bargaining power of the middle reaches is strong. The PCB industry is facing greater price pressures; the upstream high-end technologies and products are monopolized by foreign giants, and the import dependence High and domestic enterprises are not competitive enough. The industry is striving to develop high-end technologies and substitute imports. At the same time, the PCB industry has a lower bargaining power and is affected by changes in downstream demand.

From the perspective of industrial development, high-end products such as package substrates and high-end products such as HDI boards will become an important direction. In 2016, with the global PCB industry declining, China's PCB industry continued to grow at a rate of 1.43% and developed steadily. South and Southeast Asian countries such as India and Thailand have also shown tremendous growth potential with rapid growth. When labor and land costs rise in China, a large number of foreign companies will transfer from China to these countries.

On the one hand, people are optimistic that China will continue to play a major role in the PCB industry. On the other hand, in the future market competition of China's PCB industry, there will be high-end products, large-scale enterprises, industrial chain extension, and geographical distribution. Through the optimization of concepts and the realization of technological advancement, the company will gradually gain advantages and become a truly electronic power outside the country with large output value. Based on this, we focus on recommending PCB companies with R&D capabilities and advanced technologies from the perspective of the industry chain Printed circuit board in china.

In addition, we can pay attention to some of the upstream subdivided areas, although the current high-end product import dependence is high, but the future is technically expected to achieve a breakthrough in listed companies.

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