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What problems do we need to pay attention to in PCB copper cladding?

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-10-22 15:00:47

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1. For single-point connections in different places, the method is to connect through 0 ohm resistors or magnetic beads or inductors.

2. The copper in the vicinity of the crystal oscillator, the crystal oscillator in the circuit is a high-frequency emission source. The method is to surround the crystal oscillator and then ground the crystal casing separately.

3, the island (dead zone) problem, if you think it is very big, then it is not too much to define a place to add to the hole.

4. When starting the wiring, the ground wire should be treated equally. When the wire is routed, the ground wire should be taken well. It is not possible to rely on the copper to add the via hole to eliminate the ground pin. This effect is very bad.

5, it is best not to have sharp corners on the board (less than or equal to 180 degrees), because from the electromagnetic point of view, this constitutes a transmitting antenna! For other things, there will always be an impact is big or small However, I recommend using the edge of the arc.

6. If the PCB has more ground, there are SGND, AGND, GND, etc., according to the position of the PCB surface, the main "ground" as the reference reference to separate copper, digital ground and analog ground Separate copper to cover, and at the same time, before the copper coating, first increase the corresponding power connection: 5.0V, 3.3V, etc., thus forming a plurality of different shapes of multi-deformation structure.

7. The wiring of the middle layer of the multi-layer board is not covered with copper. Because it is very difficult for you to make this copper "good grounding".

8. The metal inside the equipment, such as metal radiators, metal reinforcement strips, etc., must achieve "good grounding".

9. The heat-dissipating metal block of the three-terminal regulator must be well grounded. The grounding isolation strip near the crystal must be well grounded. The copper on the PCB, if the grounding problem is dealt with, it must be "profits outweigh the disadvantages", it can reduce the return area of ​​the signal line, and reduce the external electromagnetic interference of the signal.