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What is the PCBA processing flow?

1. The customer provides engineering materials, including the review of the BOM and Gerber files, and then organizes the package to purchase the components for the procurement department;
2. Inspection of incoming materials of components, inspection of qualified warehouses, storage of warehouses;
3. According to product characteristics, customer requirements, select PCB board / BGA / IC baking, remove moisture; 

4. Take out the solder paste and thaw it and stir it;
5.SMT patch;
6. Printing solder paste;
7. The PCB board after the completion of the patch needs to be reflowed;
8. AOI testing, first piece inspection; 

9. DIP plugin, if the material needs to be shaped, it can be completed in this step;
10. Insert the PCBA board with wave soldering; 

11. AOI inspection, post weld processing;
12. Clean the PCBA board;
13. Conduct tests, mainly ICT and FCT tests, ICT is line test, FCT is functional test, and functional test requires customer to provide test plan;
14. Apply three anti-paint according to customer requirements, the main purpose is to prevent moisture, moisture and shock;
15. Product assembly (depending on customer needs, this step is not required);
16. Choose the right packaging, package and ship.