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What is the PCBA processing flow?

2019-04-26 14:01:38
1. The customer provides engineering materials, including the review of the BOM and Gerber files, and then organizes the package to purchase the components for the procurement department;
2. Inspection of incoming materials of components, inspection of qualified warehouses, storage of warehouses;
3. According to product characteristics, customer requirements, select PCB board / BGA / IC baking, remove moisture; 

4. Take out the solder paste and thaw it and stir it;
5.SMT patch;
6. Printing solder paste;
7. The PCB board after the completion of the patch needs to be reflowed;
8. AOI testing, first piece inspection; 

9. DIP plugin, if the material needs to be shaped, it can be completed in this step;
10. Insert the PCBA board with wave soldering; 

11. AOI inspection, post weld processing;
12. Clean the PCBA board;
13. Conduct tests, mainly ICT and FCT tests, ICT is line test, FCT is functional test, and functional test requires customer to provide test plan;
14. Apply three anti-paint according to customer requirements, the main purpose is to prevent moisture, moisture and shock;
15. Product assembly (depending on customer needs, this step is not required);
16. Choose the right packaging, package and ship.