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What does flexible circuit board mean?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-12-12 20:03:26
The PCB assembly Printed circuit board can be divided into rigid printing plate and flexible printing plate according to the production materials.The rigid printing plate has phenolic paper laminate, epoxy paper laminate, polyester glass felt laminate, epoxy glass cloth laminate.Flexible printing plate are also called flexible printed circuit boards (FPC), which are made of polyimide or polyester films with high reliability and high curvature.This circuit board has good heat dissipation, which can be bent, folded and coiled, and can be moved and scaled in 3d space.The FPC can be used to reduce the volume and realize light quantization, miniaturization and thin – type, thus realizing the integration of component devices and wires.FPC is widely used in electronic computers, communications, aerospace and household appliances.

Features of flexible circuit board:
(1) FPC is small and lightweight.
(2) FPC can move, bend and twist.
(3) FPC has excellent electrical performance, dielectric properties and heat resistance.
(4) FPC has high assembly reliability and assembly operation.
(5) the FPC can be installed with three connections.
(6) FPC is conducive to thermal diffusion.
(7) low cost.
(8) processing continuity.

Product features of flexible PCB assembly Printed circuit board:

soft flexible printed circuit
The soft circuit board is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating base material by high quality pcb manufacturer, which has the advantages of many hard printed circuit boards.
The product is small, light weight, greatly reducing the volume of the device, the application of electronic products to high density, miniaturization, lightweight, thin – type, high – reliable direction development needs.With high flexural resistance, can be bent freely, winding, torsion, folding, stereo wiring, in accordance with the spatial layout for any arrangement, change shape, and any move and scale in three dimensional space, so as to achieve component assembly and wires connect integration.

Excellent electrical performance, high temperature and fire resistance.Stable chemical change, good stability and high reliability.With higher assembly reliability, it is convenient for circuit design and can greatly reduce the assembly workload, and it is easy to guarantee the performance of the circuit and reduce the cost of the whole machine.Additional mechanical stability is achieved by increasing the strength through the use of enhanced materials.The combination of soft and hard design also makes up the slight deficiency of the flexible substrate in the capacity of the component.