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What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning electronic circuit boards?

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-12-17 15:44:10


When it comes to the topic of board cleaning, everyone will think of using the washing water to clean the flux and rosin remaining on the surface of the PCB after soldering. However, everyone should know that the washing water has certain harm to the human body. In the process of use, the body should be prevented from directly contacting the washing water, and some electronic circuit boards are more complicated in structure. It is more difficult to clean with ordinary cleaning methods. Inside the gap and the pores. At this time, the circuit board ultrasonic cleaning equipment played an irreplaceable role. Gute Ultrasound tells us about the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning electronic circuit boards.

First, the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean electronic circuit boards has the advantage of high-precision cleaning, which is due to the principle of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Since the ultrasonic wave can penetrate fine slits and small holes, it can be applied to the cleaning of objects with complicated shapes and structures, and of course, the cleaning of electronic circuit boards.

Second, fast and efficient is also a major advantage of ultrasonic cleaning compared to conventional cleaning methods, and it is much faster in dust removal and descaling of circuit boards.

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Third, ultrasonic cleaning can save labor, this is undoubted, so ultrasonic cleaning equipment is often the most economical cleaning method.

Fourth, the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is consistent. No matter whether the electronic circuit board is large or small, the structure is simple or complicated, and the single piece is batch or on the automatic ultrasonic pipeline, the ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be used to clean the circuit board to obtain the unmatched uniform cleanliness of manual cleaning. ( Laser Stencil  manufacturer china

Ultrasonic cleaning has insurmountable advantages over other cleaning methods. Especially in specialized and group-oriented production enterprises, ultrasonic cleaning equipment has been gradually used to replace traditional dipping, manual brushing, pressure washing and steam cleaning. For general degreasing, derusting, rust prevention, phosphating and other processes, ultrasonic cleaning can be completed in only two or three minutes, and the cleaning speed can be several times to several tens of times higher than the conventional method, and the cleanliness can also be achieved. High standards, which highlights the results that are difficult or impossible to achieve with other treatments, where many of the requirements for surface quality and productivity are high. In summary: the cleaning of electronic circuit boards is the best choice for ultrasonic cleaning equipment.