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Welcome to 5G, the overall PCB market is expected to jump in 2020

2019-11-21 10:45:51

The PCB industry welcoming 5G,It is estimated that the overall PCB market will jump first and then jump in 2020,There will be 3% growth,The main thrust will come from HDI boards,carrier boards and soft boards.The industry is also facing increasing global competition,PCB smart manufacturing is driving another wave of buying opportunities.International trade disputes have arisen frequently,In 2019,the PCB industry was an unclear year,It affected the layout of international factories and the movement of supply chains. This year,the 5G-themed TPCA Show and IMPACT were just concluded,with 420 companies exhibiting a total of 1432 booth,total of 31,926 visitors participated in the booth.

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In the PCB industry summit forum,Dr. Prismark Jiang Xugao said that although the growth of mobile phone sales has stagnated this year and the performance of soft boards has been poor this year, it still benefits from the deployment of 5G infrastructure, and the growth rate of the overall PCB industry is supported by the demand for carrier boards. However, there are still many negative factors. In 2019, the global PCB forecast declined slightly by 1.7%. By 2020, thanks to the emergence of 5G peripheral products, the application of high-frequency high-speed products will increase, and the global PCB industry is expected to have 3 With % growth, the main thrust will come from HDI boards, carrier boards and soft boards.

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PCBs continue to intensify in global competition:
Although there are interferences between Sino-US trade wars and science and technology wars in the world, there are different levels of influence on the characteristics of the PCB industry. Even though the tariffs themselves have little impact on the PCB, the extended technological warfare is vertical or horizontal competition for the PCB industry. The degree of impact is relatively high. For example, Chinese-funded enterprises continue to expand their market share through investment, acquisition, merger, and expansion. Moreover, China actively promotes the 5G concept, and local manufacturers preferentially benefit from domestic demand opportunities, and estimate China,The PCB industry will continue to grow.
In addition to 5G, PCB smart manufacturing is driving another wave of buying opportunities: Smart Manufacturing has become a common goal of the PCB industry and a necessary condition for investing in new plants in the future. It is expected that this wave of smart trends is expected to promote the upgrading of PCB equipment manufacturers. Drive software and hardware purchase opportunities.

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Technology trends will be thin line, high frequency and high speed, heterogeneous integration, advanced chip packaging and soft electronics, circular economy:
The key points highlighted by exhibitors at this year's exhibition and related technology pioneers are thin-line, high-frequency high-speed, heterogeneous integration, advanced chip packaging and soft electronics, circular economy and other forward-looking issues, PCB and packaging. The industry will continue to pursue the development of more fine-line small holes, high-frequency high-speed, and heterogeneous integration.
In the future, 5G construction will further expand server demand and promote server product upgrades,The server PCB market is expected to continue to expand.