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The more serpents on the PCB, the more "advanced"?

2019-08-14 10:21:46
The serpentine line is a kind of routing method often used in the PCB wiring process. Its main purpose is to adjust the delay and meet the system timing design requirements. However, every PCB design engineer should be aware that the serpentine line will destroy the signal quality and should be avoided when wiring.HDI PCB manufacturer china.

Although the serpentine line will destroy the signal quality, in the actual PCB design, in order to ensure that the signal has sufficient holding time, or to reduce the time offset between the same group of signals, it is often necessary to intentionally wind the wire. Moreover, the serpentine line is not "nothing."RoHs Compliant manufacturer china.

01  Serpentine line

1. The main function of the serpentine trace is to compensate for the lesser delays in the "same group of related" signal lines, which are usually not processed by additional logic or less than other signals. The most typical is the clock line, usually it does not need to go through any other logic processing, so its delay will be less than other related signals.
2, the filtering effect, in the RF circuit, the serpentine trace can form an LC circuit, which has a filtering effect on the signal of a certain frequency.
3, receiving antenna, we can see this effect on some mobile phones or radio. Some antennas are made using PCB traces.
4. Serpentine traces have different functions in different applications. If serpentine traces appear in the computer board, they mainly act as a filter inductor to improve the anti-interference ability of the circuit. The serpentine traces in the computer motherboard are mainly used in some clock signals, such as PCIClk, AGPClk, which have two functions: a, impedance matching; b, filter inductor.
5. Short and narrow serpentine traces can be used as fuses.High quality PCB Assembly service.

02  Serpentine wiring considerations

Here are some suggestions for PCB Layout engineers when dealing with serpentine traces:
Try to increase the distance S of the parallel line segment, at least greater than or equal to 4H. H refers to the distance from the signal to the reference plane.
Minimize the coupling length Lp, and the delay of Lp should be less than or equal to 6Tr.
Try not to take a serpentine line without using a serpentine line.
If possible, serpentine traces at any angle can effectively reduce the coupling between each other.
The serpentine line of the stripline causes a signal transmission delay that is less than the microstrip trace.
High-speed and signal lines with strict timing requirements, try not to take the serpentine line.