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Single-sided PCB Electronic Circuit

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-11-29 13:14:40
 Printed circuit in electronic equipment to provide the following functions: the provision of integrated circuits and other electronic components fixed, assembly mechanical support. The realization of integrated circuits and other electronic components of the wiring and electrical connection or electrical insulation. Provide required electrical characteristics such as characteristic impedance. For automatic solder to provide resistance welding graphics, for components, inspection, maintenance to provide identification characters and graphics.Single-sided PCB assembly Printed circuit board.


  Some basic terms relating to printed boards are as follows: on insulating substrates, a conductive graph, printed wiring, printed components or a combination of the two, is designed to be made into a printed circuit. On the insulating substrate, a conductive graphic, called a printed circuit, that provides an electrical connection between elements and devices. It does not include printed components. Single-sided PCB.

  Printed circuit or printed wiring of the finished product board is known as printed circuit boards or printed wiring boards, also known as printed boards. PCB according to the base material is rigid or flexible can be divided into two categories: rigid printed boards and flexible printed boards. This year has been the emergence of rigid---flexible combination of printed boards. The number of layers according to the conductor graph can be divided into single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed boards.Single-sided PCB Electronic equipment using Quick turn pcb Printed circuit board, due to the consistency of similar printed boards, so as to avoid artificial wiring errors, and electronic components can be automatically inserted or affixed, automatic solder, automatic detection, to ensure the quality of electronic equipment, improve labor productivity, reduce costs, and facilitate maintenance.

    The PCB develops from single layer to double sided, multi-layer and flexible, and still maintains the development trend of each. Due to the continuous development of high-precision, high-density and high reliability direction, and continuously reduce the volume, reduce costs, improve performance, so that the PCB in the future development of electronic equipment in the project, still maintain a strong vitality. Three. Single-sided PCB.

Mark of PCB technical level: the marking of the technical level of PCB for double-sided and multi-layer porous metallized printed boards: Both of the large-scale production of double-sided metallized PCB, in 2.50 or 2. The number of wires can be laid out between the two pads at the intersection of the 54mm standard grid.Single-sided PCB.

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