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Searching PCB Assembly Job with Necessary Skills

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-04-17 18:17:13
  How to find a job related to PCB assembly? I don’t think there’s anyone better than me, because I just got a PCB assembly offer. There are two common ways to find a relative job currently. 

    1/Write Resume--Voting--Telephone--Interview 

    2/Select Job -- Select Company -- Write Resume -- Active Connection -- Preparation Verbal Tricks -- Interview 

  But, believe me, there are almost 99% people using the first method around you, if you want to stand out, pls to be the other 1%. To select the second way, you will have more initiative and the success rate of 99%. Because I got my offer in this way.
    Surely, It is required some necessary PCB Assembly working skills, such as:
  ·Assemble electrical parts, systems and support structures to specifications
  ·Install electrical parts,modules and printed circuit boards in accordance with specifications,and use hand tools and power tools
  ·Check equipment to detect failures and adjust components, to ensure compliance with specifications
  ·Manufacture and form parts according to specifications by using drills, cutting machines and saws
  ·Locate,adjust and adjust the work piece and electrical parts to facilitate wiring and assembly 
  ·Assist or authorize supervisor or engineer to plan and review work activities and solve production problems.
  ·Clean parts by using cleaning solution, air hose and cloth
  ·Mark and marking components to track and identify inventory lists
  ·Pack components and delivery
  ·Select or distribute materials,supplies and components to the work area
  ·Read and interpret schematics,diagrams,specifications and work list to determine material requirements and assembly instructions
  ···········Dill and tap at specific locations to install the control unit and provide openings for components, wiring and instrumentation
  ·Cooperate with team work
  ·Meet weekly production standards established by management
With these skills, you have to learn, improving your ability, continuing to improve.