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Quickly Calculate PCB Assembly Cost

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-04-17 18:00:11
  How to calculate PCB assembly cost, many electronic manufacturers will look for quotation from processing manufacturers before outsourcing the processing services. In fact, they will still have a lot of doubts about the final quotations, so we are going to conduct a comprehensive cost analysis of PCB assembly.
    First of all, Required Material Costs Before Assembly

    According to the customer’s BOM list, the purchasing department of the processing firm will make an inquiry, including PCB bare board, electronic parts, etc. Sometimes, assembly costs and engineering costs will be included in purchasing quotation. It needs to cover about 5% of the material loss when purchasing the components, due to the reason of material loss, like resistance and capacitance disk loading material and SMT chip. For the small batch of PCBA, engineering costs are usually covered in quotation, including the costs of processing file, stencil, Changing SMT line etc.

    Then, Solder Joint Counting
    PCB assembly costs include SMT and DIP after welding, etc, which is accounted separately according to the specific of circuit board solder joints and the process ways. Generally, a solder pad is counted as 1 point and solder joints of IC accounted by the number of feet. Above 1206 SMD precision of solder pad is counted  in accordance with a solder pad to 2 points,except CD54 inductance counting to 12 points, other larger inductance counted as 24 points. In addition, plug spacing with 3.96 of one solder pad as 2 solder points. After counting all solder joints,its costs are counted among 0.008~0.03 CNY on the basis of solder joints.

    For the small batch of PCBA, engineering costs are usually covered in quotation, including the costs of processing file, stencil, changing SMT line etc; PCBA test costs also need to count according to each PCBA board test time; In terms of packaging logistics, special packaging materials as well as the need to count the cost of three-proofing paint, in addition, according to customers transaction terms such as FOB, it needs extra counting of customs logistics costs.