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Quick to Know the Regular PCB Copper Thickness

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-03-28 10:18:46
 The printed circuit board (PCB) is usually on a glass epoxy substrate bonded to a layer of copper, The regular copper thickness includes 18μm,35μm,55μm and 70μm ,and the most common used copper thickness is 35μm. We are not only use 35~50μm of copper thickness in domestic, also  10μm,18μm , 70μm are used by domestic.
  The unit of measure for the copper thickness on a PCBA is ounces(OZ). In the PCB industry, 1OZ means that 1OZ of copper is pressed flat and spread evenly over a one square foot area. Per unit area weight is used to present the average thickness of copper. Pls find below conversion of 1OZ copper thickness :1OZ=1.37mils(thousandths of an inch =0.00137inch=0.0347mm=34.79um(micron)
  As a conductor of PCB, copper is a kind of Negative electrolytic material and a thin layer, continuous metal foil under the basal layer of printed circuit board. Copper is easy to be bonded to insulating layer, to receive a printed protective layer and to form circuit pattern after corrosion. Composite copper thickness is 35μm among the l~3mm thickness of base panel; less than 1mm with 18μm thickness and above 5mm with 55μm thickness.