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Wearable device PCB copy board change board will become domestic

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-16 15:11:55
With the continuous development of wearable smart products, for monitoring health smart heart rate bracelets and other products have also begun upgrading. The day before, the core device breakthrough in the domestic professional PCB company has successfully completed a smart bracelet can help the heart rate, heart rate monitoring and report the number of steps, calories and sleep and a series of health data.
According to PCB copy board change board company revealed that the dynamic heart rate Bracelet equipped with photodiode, according to the wearer's blood flow to calculate heart rate data, to provide users with daily activity records. In addition, the power consumption of the core devices is greatly reduced, which can meet the demand of low power development for wearable devices in the future.
PCB copy board refers to the technical staff to carry out reverse analysis on the original product in use of reverse technology, PCB file, get the original product BOM, principle drawings and technical documents, and then complete the clone of the original product imitation. In the rapid rise of domestic high-tech enterprises over the years, PCB copy board board provides a great reference value for the study of independent research and development of high-end electronic products, and accelerate the localization process can be wearable devices, portable medical electronic products.

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