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Causes analysis of PCB price difference

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-05-02 19:26:37
  The cost calculation of PCB is the most special and complex in all industries, From the material cutting,  pressing, profile, until FQC, packaging, put into storage, According to the material cost of each process, labor cost, manufacturing cost, etc.  to do a step-by-step calculation, Then cumulative cost per batch according to the order number of the product.
  And the standard cost rates for different types of products are different. For boards required such as blind/buried holes, Immersion gold, or special manufacturing process or material, some special methods of calculation are required. Similarly, the size of the drill hole can also affect the cost of the product, These have a direct impact on the cost of WIP, scrap cost calculation and evaluation.
    The industry has organized a special PCB price factors, here to share with you, for reference only. 
    First, the different PCB material cause the diversity of the price 

    Take normal double side for example, the normal material including FR-4,CEM-3 and so on ,board thickness from 0.6mm to 3.0mm, copper thickness from 1OZ to 3OZ, All of these results in a huge price difference on sheet material. As for soldermask, there is a certain price difference between general Heat Set soldermask and Photo Imageable Solder Mask,that cause the diversity of the price.

    Second, PCB with different manufacturing process cause the diversity of the price. 

    Different manufacturing process cause different cost.Such as Immersion gold and HAL, routing and punching,the use of silkscreen or dry film will cause different cost, all these cause diversity of price.

    Third, the different difficulty level of PCB cause diversity of price.

    The different difficulty level of PCB cause diversity of price even use same base material and same manufacturing process.For example,if two kind of boards both have 1000 holes, all holes size are bigger than 0.6mm on one board, but all holes of another board are lesser than 0.6mm,that will cause different drilling cost; If two same boards but with different  trace width/spacing, one is bigger than 0.2mm, another board is lesser than 0.2mm, that will also cause different production cost. Because of the scrap rate of the difficult boards is higher, the inevitable costs increase, causing the price of diversity.