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PCB horizontal plating technology

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-07-27 19:13:20
With the rapid development of microelectronic technology, PCB (Printed circuit board in china) manufacturing is developing rapidly in the direction of multi layer, lamination, function and integration. The concept and design of PCB design uses a lot of micro hole and narrow spacing, thin wire circuit graphics, making the higher technical difficulties of printed circuit board, especially multilayer board through holes with aspect ratio more than deep blind hole and a large number of 5:1 laminates, the conventional vertical plating process can not meet the requirements high quality and high reliability of interconnection hole technology. 

The main reason from the electroplating principle about the current distribution state were analyzed, through the actual electroplating distribution hole current present drum shaped hole by hole appear current distribution side to the central hole gradually reduced, resulting in a large number of copper deposited on the surface and the edge of the hole, can not ensure the standard thickness of the copper layer hole central copper parts should reach, sometimes thin copper or copper layer, which will cause irreparable loss, resulting in a large number of waste multilayer board (Pcb prototype manufacturer china).

In order to solve the problem of PCB (Quick turn pcb Printed circuit board) product quality in production, we have solved the problem of deep hole electroplating from current and additives. In the high aspect ratio of printed circuit board copper plating process, mostly in the auxiliary role of high-quality additives, with the appropriate air mixing and cathode movement, in the current density is relatively low under the condition.

The electrode reaction hole control region increase, can the function of electroplating additives show, plus the mobile cathode is very conducive to the deep plating solution to improve the ability to increase the polarization degree of plating, forming velocity and grain coating electro crystallization process of MICROTEK nuclear growth rate to compensate for each other, so as to obtain high toughness copper layer.