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Why are PCB boards mostly green?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-08 10:23:14
Do you know what color pcb board is? In most cases, pcb board manufacturer china produce the pcb board is green. Do you know why?

First, the green solder resist ink is the oldest and most expensive and most popular.

Second, in general, the entire electronic board-level products have to go through the system board and post process, in the process of the system there are several processes to go through the yellow room, green in the yellow room visual effects better, But this is not the main one. In the SMT welding time, to go through the tin and post and the final AOI check, these processes are learning to optically calibrate the alignment, a green background on the instrument to identify the effect of better.

Third, the common red, yellow, green and blue. As a result of the process, many lines of the test or rely on workers to see with the eyes (of course, now most of the use of flying probe test). The eyes of the eyes kept watching the board, which is a very tiring work Oh, the green is not the most hurt eyes. So most of the use of green.

Fourth, blue and black are mixed with cobalt and carbon, with a certain conductivity, so there is the risk of short circuit, green PCB more environmentally friendly, high temperature environment will not use when the release of toxic gases.

Finally, from the beginning of 2007, people began to pay attention to the color of the PCB board, mainly because many first-tier manufacturers of high-end panels are used green PCB board color design, so people slowly think that the PCB color is green Must be high-end.

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