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Pcb screen printing specifications and requirements _pcb silk screen how to add

  • Author:o-leading
  • Source:o-leading.com
  • Release on:2018-05-07

Pcb screen printing specifications and requirements _pcb screen printing how to add PCB board silk screen layer that is the text layer, its role is to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the circuit, in the PCB board on the upper and lower surface printing required logo pattern and text code number For example, component labels and nominal values, component outline shapes, and manufacturer's marks, production dates, and so on. So what are the specifications and requirements for silk screen printing on PCBs? Pcb silk screen how to add it? Then follow Xiaobian in detail to understand the silk screen specifications and requirements.

Detailed silk screen layer

The silk screen layer is a text layer and belongs to the top layer in the PCB. It is generally used for annotation. The correct layout principle of the silk screen layer is: "No ambiguity, no seams, beautiful appearance." This is for the purpose of facilitating circuit installation and maintenance, etc., and a special layer such as a logo pattern and character code is printed on the upper and lower surfaces of the printed board.

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