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In 2018, PCB materials and these components will continue to be out of stock prices(1)

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-03-27 14:36:10
In 2018, star products of the technology industry have not yet been released, but it can be determined that materials such as PCB upstream materials, semiconductor upstream silicon wafers, dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and passive components, metal oxide semiconductor field effect power With regard to materials and components such as crystal (MOSFET) and microcontroller (MCU), this year is still a good year for shortage and price increase.

These components and PCB materials will continue to be out of stock prices in 2018

Increased price of PCB upstream

PCB upstream materials were affected by the reduction of effective production capacity before the Spring Festival and the mainland market. The supply was tight and led to the emergence of a wave of price rises in the PCB upstream material glass fiber gauze and copper foil substrate manufacturers.

Benefiting from the stocking demand before the Chinese New Year holiday and the expected price increase, the market will be named. The upstream PCB manufacturer, Taiwan Optoelectronics, Lianmao, and the fiberglass gauze manufacturer Fuqiao will be able to operate in the future.

The quotation of the manufacturers of Jianye and Guangdong Shengyi has increased in January this year. Coupled with the mainland emission restriction policy, the overall stability of CCL manufacturers and effective production capacity have been reduced, and the prices of major copper foil substrate suppliers in Taiwan have been steadily rising. Due to the higher cost, the price is still expected to increase after the year.

Under the overall expected price increase, driven by the material-grabbing factors, in addition to the PCB upstream copper foil substrate manufacturers, Fibreglass gauze manufacturers have always been optimistic about their orders, and they also deepened their strategic cooperation with local partners.

In the aspect of price adjustment, the manufacturers of indicators of manufacturers of rumored mainland copper foil substrates will gradually adjust their quotation in the first quarter, with an average increase of around 8%, and they will continue to assess the increase in the second quarter.

The manufacturers of copper foil substrates including Taiwan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Mianmao Capital Co., Ltd. have reported that the cost has increased and the new quotation has been adopted in the first quarter.

In January, Lianmao reflected the new quotation, and it will continue to respond to price increases from February to March.

These components and PCB materials will continue to be out of stock prices in 2018

Silicon wafer out of stock: Universal Crystal benefits

Many of the materials and components that are out of stock this year have continued to be out of stock last year. In the upstream materials segment, the silicon wafers for the semiconductor upstream materials were out of stock, making the major silicon wafer fabs significantly increase their profits last year.

There is no significant increase in new production capacity this year, and dozens of mainland fabs have concentrated on mass production in the second half of the year and next year. This has made tight supply of silicon wafers out of stock; the most missing is the 12-inch semiconductor silicon wafers this year. The average price is estimated to increase by 20% from last year's average price.

Silicon wafers for semiconductors were largely out of stock last year. Global Crystal, Taiwan Seiketsu, and Hejin were expected to pay brighter renewals last year. The legal person thinks that the price will continue to be bullish this year, and this will still be a significant increase in price this year due to the improvement of production efficiency and the removal of bottlenecks.

Global Crystal Chairman Xu Xiulan emphasized earlier in the year-end press conference that the company’s production capacity in all countries of the country has been fully loaded since the second quarter of last year. This is also the case throughout the year, and orders for the entire year have already been set aside. It is expected that prices will continue to rise. Will gradually increase. She estimates that silicon wafer prices will increase by more than 20% from the average price of the previous year to the end of this year. As for the performance of last year's profit, she stressed that it would meet the expectations of legal persons. It is estimated that the net profit per share for the whole year will reach 12 yuan to 13 yuan per share. This year, profits will rise again.

The focus of this year's Global Crystals is to increase the production capacity of 12-inch silicon wafers. It will increase the number of clean rooms in the U.S. factory and remove bottlenecks, allowing 12-inch capacity to increase by 7% to 8%.

The eight-inch giant, Hejing, successfully turned profit in the wake of the silicon wafer price hike last year. It joined the 8-inch production capacity of the new plant in Zhengzhou, Henan Province this year, and the Longtan plant has completed the bottleneck. This year, the revenue is expected to push quarter by quarter. Rise.

These components and PCB materials will continue to be out of stock prices in 2018

DRAM goes up 30% this year

In the DRAM shortage of more than one year, due to the virtual currency diggers joining the ranks of the buyers and the strong demand of servers, the Industrial Economics and Trend Research Center (IEK) of the Industrial Technology Research Institute believes that this year's prices are still rising, and the global The DRAM output value has increased by more than 20%, and continues to record high prices. The average unit price can increase by another 30%.

The market adjustment agency Chibang Technology investigated that smart phone sales were not as expected, and the contracted price increase of mobile memory in this quarter has converged to 3%. However, in the second quarter, restarting the pull goods momentum, the price will continue to rise. The Institute for Industrial Economics and Trends (IEK) of the Industrial Technology Research Institute also believes that DRAM prices are still rising this year. It is estimated that the global DRAM output this year will be more than 20%, and will continue to record new heights. The average unit price will increase by another 30%.

The legal person expects that this year's memory industry will continue to be healthy and stable. The main targets for factories and plants including Nan Yake, Winbond and Jing Hao Ke will continue to deliver good results.

Due to the fact that DRAM market conditions are better than NAND Flash this year, the South Asian section, which focuses on DRAM, has become the focus of legal persons.

The South Asia Branch 20-nanometer has a monthly maximum capacity of 38,000 tablets, a total capacity of 30 thousand nanometers and 30,000 wafers, and a total of 68,000 tablets in a single month. This year, its annual sales volume is expected to increase by 45%. The 20nm 8Gb DDR4 product was shipped in volume in December last year. It is expected to pass the server factory certification this season, and it will begin shipping in the next quarter, adding further support to the optimization of the South Asian product portfolio.

These components and PCB( China pcb manufacturers) materials will continue to be out of stock prices in 2018