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PCB design export Gerber basic operation and precautions

2019-05-22 10:57:06
List the general considerations for exporting the board file, whether it is AD, PADS, Allegro, eagle or other PCB design software, the applicable rules.

1. Only output Gerber RS274X format
The RS-274-D format has been deprecated. The current mainstream Gerber format is the RS274X format. As for the latest Gerber X2 format, many PCB design software is not yet supported, and many of the board's CAM software are not yet supported. 2. Output only positives
Gerber positive film: WYSIWYG, where the PCB is preserved, and the copper foil is removed without drawing.

Gerber negative: Contrary to the positive film, where the PCB of the PCB is removed, the copper foil is preserved where there is no drawing.

In fact, the negative film is a legacy of the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, it was the era of vector photoplotters. The negative film was born for the vector photoplotter. The vector photoplotter was the first generation photoplotter, the vector photoplotter. Similar to a pen plotter, but instead of using ink and paper, it uses a fixed stylus to write exposure information to the photographic film. The film is fixed on a platform that can perform a planar movement of the X-Y axis, and a light pen fixed above the platform illuminates the film, and the beam can be turned on and off according to image information. Each action is controlled by a command in the input Gerber file. Multilayer PCB manufacturer in china.

Vector photoplotters are good at drawing traces, but for large-area planes such as copper, the vector photoplotter is going to be forced, just like we use pencils to draw planes, we have to keep on A stroke of painting, until the plane is completely filled, when the vector photoplotter draws a large plane fill, a lot of movement control is needed.

If it is a positive film, it is a WYSIWYG method, which will cause a large amount of Gerber files. The drawing control command causes the Gerber file to be extremely large. Therefore, in order to solve the problem that the vector photoplotter is not good at drawing the plane filling problem, the place where the inner layer needs to retain a large amount of copper skin is generally in the negative format, and the vector photoplotter only needs Draw the parts that need to be cleaned, which can greatly save the work time of the vector photoplotter, and the Gerber file is relatively small.

However, with the innovation of technology, the photoplotter has entered the laser era, and the negative film can no longer provide any benefit. The laser photoplotter draws the same speed for the line and the large area of ​​the plane fill, so all the films are produced. WYSIWYG also facilitates manual inspection and confirmation by CAM engineers.

3. Equal magnification output
Output Gerber data to the board factory and remember to maintain a 1:1 output.