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PCB Industry Terms and Definitions - Crimp Pins and Crimps

2019-09-04 10:06:45
Crimp pin
A pin having a specially shaped cross section designed to be pressed into a metallized hole without the need for additional soldering. PCB Design factory china.

A connection formed by a resiliently deformable pin, or a solid (rigid) pin that mates with a metallized hole in the PCB. A tight contact point is formed between the pin and the metallized hole. Consumer Terminal HDI.

Compared with welding technology, the characteristics and advantages of crimp connection are reflected in:
1) no thermal stress is generated on the PCB;
2) There are no conductive residues such as flux residue and tin beads that affect reliable connection;
3) The phenomenon of short soldering, short circuit and poor tin penetration which are common in soldering;
4) After crimping the connector, it is generally not necessary to fix the screw with the PCB;  Line Card factory china.

5) When crimping with a long pin connector, the pins protruding from the back of the PCB can be used as the back pins to achieve double-sided connection;
6) have a certain contact impedance and good high frequency performance;
7) high crimping efficiency and low cost;
8) Have good maintainability;
9) No cleaning after crimping, cost reduction, environmental protection and safety.