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Intel has plans to package the entire smartphone modem business for sale!

2019-05-05 16:29:55
With the settlement of Apple and Qualcomm, Qualcomm will undoubtedly become the main supplier of Apple's new iPhone 5G baseband chip in the future, and Intel, which had previously "loved" with Apple, can be said to have suffered. On the day that Apple and Qualcomm reached a settlement, they also announced the abandonment of all smartphone modem development. Even for this matter, Intel said that it is not affected by Apple and Qualcomm, but it is clear that Intel is considering the risk of competition with Qualcomm, so it gave up research and development. RoHs Compliant manufacturer china.

According to the latest news, Intel has planned to package the entire smartphone modem business for sale. Most companies are very interested in the business, including Apple. According to the information given by the Wall Street Journal, Apple wants to acquire Intel's modem business before completing a settlement with Qualcomm, which will facilitate the future research of 5G baseband chips. Flex-Rigid PCB factory china.

If it can be successfully acquired, then Apple will be able to sit on its own research processor, self-developed graphics processor and self-developed baseband chips in the future, which will indeed play a very important role in the development of future products. However, the negotiations between Apple and Intel on this single acquisition were actually carried out as early as last summer. So far, it has not been negotiated or because the price has not been discussed. PCB layout  manufacturer china

It is reported that Intel can get billions of dollars in revenue from this transaction. Of course, Intel definitely wants to get a better offer before it can be sold. After all, Intel’s loss in the modem business is as high as 1 billion US dollars per year. Loss in research and development. At the same time, Apple is not the only former buyer, Intel is likely to consider other bidders with higher bids.