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How to correctly understand double sided circuit board?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-11-23 14:51:44
Double-sided circuit boards are mainly designed to solve the complex design of the circuit and the area of the board, both sides of the board are installed components, double or multi-layer alignment.
Both sides of the two-sided circuit board have wiring. Double PCB But to use the two sides of the wire, must be between the two sides have the appropriate circuit connection Caixing.Also Double sided pcb manufacturer china.

Double-sided circuit board is a very important board in a PCB board, his use is great, to see a board PCB board is not double-sided circuit board is also very simple, I believe that friends on the single-panel understanding is complete Can be grasped, Double PCB double-sided circuit board is an extension of a single panel, meaning that the single-sided line is not enough to go to the reverse side, double-sided circuit board is an important feature is a vias. simple Point that is double-sided line, both sides have lines! A generous is: PCB assembly Printed circuit board is a double-sided circuit board! Some friends will ask such as a board double-sided line, but only one Surface with electronic parts, such a board in the end is a double-sided circuit board or a single panel?

The answer is obvious, Double PCB this board is a double-sided circuit board, but in the double-sided circuit board plate mounted on the parts Just now. Multi-layer circuit board to distinguish the number of wiring board according to the number of wiring to determine the difficulty of processing and processing prices, the ordinary circuit board points single-sided and double-sided alignment, Double PCB commonly known as single-sided and double-sided circuit boards , But the high-end electronic products, due to product space design constraints, in addition to surface wiring, the internal stack of multi-layer lines, the production process, Double PCB making a good line after each layer, and then through the optical Equipment positioning, pressure, so that multi-layer lines stacked in a circuit board.