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How to choose a cleaning machine

2019-06-11 18:05:01
In recent years, under the tide of upgrading electronic products, more and more electronic products are moving toward the trend of intelligence and miniaturization. Higher component integration brings a new round of challenges to product reliability, resulting in higher cleaning requirements in the electronics manufacturing industry. As a key component of the cleaning process, can we quickly find the most suitable device when faced with multiple options? Quick Turn PCB supplier china.

In the electronics manufacturing industry, cleaning processes are not as common as solder paste printing, patching, and reflow processes, so when engineers need to establish cleaning processes, few engineers have relevant experience. A common phenomenon on the market today is that manufacturers usually find equipment manufacturers directly before planning to introduce cleaning processes. However, the primary concern of equipment manufacturers is often the production and budget. There is a lack of research on how to ensure the product expectations of customers after cleaning, so it is inevitable that buyers (customers) need to seek help again in the later use of cleaning equipment. flexible BOARD  manufacturer china.

Such procurement logic is likely to lead to blind choices, resulting in the cost of the original surplus procurement budget and the cost of manpower and space. So the best idea is to first consult professional technical experts, listen to their objective understanding and evaluation of cleaning equipment, and have the opportunity to visit the world's leading cleaning equipment, as much as possible to understand each of the new cleaning processes involved. The influencing factors and how to achieve the best match between them. Through the above process, manufacturers will be more rational and confident in selecting devices. Single Side PCB  manufacturer china.

In this context, ZESTRON, the world's leading provider of precision cleaning products, services and technology solutions for the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor processing industries, has selected the world's leading professional equipment manufacturers to use the resources of eight professional technology centers around the world. The equipment has been tested in parallel, trying to explain how to choose cleaning equipment from four dimensions: cleaning performance, chemical consumption, drying efficiency and temperature curve.