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How does three anti-paint protect the circuit board?

o-leading o-leading.com 2019-01-23 15:31:48

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It is known that the three anti-paints have a protective effect on the circuit board, and can protect the circuit from damage in the case of vibration, moisture, salt spray, moisture and high temperature containing chemical substances. So what is its protection principle? How does the three anti-paint protect the circuit board?

Let’s take a look at how three anti-paint works.
1. Quickly form a tough, glossy and non-conductive protective film.

2, with excellent moisture, mold, salt spray, corrosion, electrical insulation, leakage resistance.

3. The protection period for electrical appliances, equipment and parts is long-lasting and the service life is prolonged. (Hard Gold Plating supplier)

4, high temperature resistance, the protective film begins to soften at 100 ° C, becomes sticky at 120 ° C but does not drip, can be directly soldered on the protective film.

Also need to pay attention to the work:
1. If a thicker coating is desired, it is best to obtain it by applying two thinner coatings - and it is required to apply the second layer after the first layer has completely dried.

2. When applying paint to the PCB, general connectors, software sockets, switches, heat sinks, heat dissipation areas, board areas, etc. are not allowed to have coating materials. It is recommended to use a tearable solder mask to cover. (Prototype PCB Assembly company china)

3. Thickness of the film layer: The thickness of the film layer depends on the application method. The diluent is added in a large amount, the viscosity of the glue is low, and the thickness of the glue is thin. On the contrary, the viscosity of the glue is high, and the thickness of the glue is thick.

4. All coating operations should be carried out at a temperature not lower than 16 ° C and a relative humidity lower than 75%. PCB as a composite material will absorb moisture. If the tide is not removed, the circuit board protective paint cannot fully protect it. Pre-drying and vacuum drying remove most of the moisture.