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Global PCB Development Status

o-lead o-leading.com 2018-05-25 15:28:30

PCB technology has been widely adopted since the mid-1950s. At present, PCB has become the “mother of electronic products” and its application has penetrated almost all terminal fields in the electronics industry, including computer, communications, consumer electronics, industrial control, automotive electronics, LED, IPTV, digital TV and other emerging electronic products. Emerging, PCB products use and market will continue to expand. 

In recent years, the global PCB industry has shown steady growth. In 2009, due to the global financial crisis, the PCB output value declined slightly. With the gradual improvement of the global macro economy in 2010, the PCB industry began to recover. The annual production value reached 52.468 billion U.S. dollars, and it was large in 2009. It rose 27.33%. 

The global financial crisis in 2008 caused a huge impact on the PCB industry. China's PCB industry has also been affected. The total output value of the national PCB industry decreased from US$15.037 billion in 2008 to US$14.252 billion in 2009, a year-on-year decrease of 5.2%. 2010 In the year of 2004, China's PCB industry saw a full recovery. The total output value of the national PCB industry was as high as 19.971 billion U.S. dollars, up 40.1% year-on-year. From 2011 to 2012, as the global electronics industry and the PCB industry entered an adjustment period, the growth of PCB production in China slowed down. The total output value of the national PCB industry was US$ 22.029 billion and US$ 22.034 billion respectively, and the growth rates were 10.30% and 0.02 respectively. %. From 2013 to 2014, the total output value of the national PCB industry recovered somewhat, with growth rates of 11.62% and 6.0% respectively. The compound annual growth rate of the output value of the PCB industry in China in 2014-2019 was 5.1%. In 2016, the overall scale of the global PCB industry will reach 72.07 billion U.S. dollars, and the annual growth rate of global PCB output in 2011-2016 will be 5.38%.