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Circuit board recycling equipment dry separation advantages

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-11-08 16:05:29

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The separation treatment process of the road plate recycling equipment adopts dry sorting. The  advantages of dry sorting are no waste water pollution, no dust pollution, no noise pollution, large output, high efficiency, high purity of metal and non-metal separation, and now the circuit board The recycling equipment increases the separation purity of the metal to over 99.8%. The policy requirements for industrial manufacturing to transform intelligent manufacturing from high-energy consumption have forced the mature development of the environmental protection market, not only focusing on its cost performance, but also on its performance ratio. Environmental circuit board recycling equipment, also known as circuit board recycling equipment and PCB recycling equipment, includes two main systems: crushing system and sorting system. The traditional manufacturing of circuit board recycling equipment has been transformed from assembly line production to a flexible production mode with certain “customization”.

In the process of the country's continuous promotion of supply-side structural reforms, the continuous reduction of pollution sources has promoted continuous innovation in environmental protection services. The environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment adopts the advanced physical recovery process. The crusher and high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment developed by the company are innovative, and the resource-based processing route is advanced and reasonable. The equipment can be used for all kinds of waste circuit boards, computer boards, TV boards, aluminum-plastic boards, copper sheets, printed circuit boards and processing waste, used electrical appliances, used TV sets, used refrigerators, used computers, used air conditioners and other waste materials. The mechanical dismantling and pulverization recovery treatment is carried out, and the metal recovery rate is high, and the purity of the recovered metal is as high as 98% or more. The circuit board recycling equipment production line is an upgraded product of the wind-selected product. It consumes less power than the wind-selected type, and has no noise. The manual is less automated, the efficiency is improved, and the floor space is smaller. It is the recycling of used circuit boards. Recycling of used circuit boards is currently the ideal production line.

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The circuit board is the core part of e-waste, and the number of discarded circuit boards generated each year is huge, while the typical circuit board contains about 30% of metal. Randomly collect the discarded computers, mobile phones, hard disks, industrial controllers, etc. of different brand models and production years in the market for rough dismantling, systematically disassemble the circuit boards, and compare and analyze the circuit boards and components on the removed components. Metal content and its potential resource value. It is found that the metal types and contents of different circuit boards are obviously different. The resource value of waste industrial controllers and hard disk circuit boards is far greater than that of computers and mobile phones, especially the high content of precious metals, with a value of up to 800,000 yuan/t, and ordinary metals, especially copper. The content is huge, up to 20kg/t, and is concentrated on the circuit board for removing components. (Golden Fingers PCB manufacturer china)

After ten years of development, we have always listed technology research as the primary task of development. We have independently developed a series of technical products such as circuit board precious metal separation technology, electronic component decomposition technology and lithium battery material separation technology, which have been widely used. It is believed that in the future, Green Jie Environmental Protection can become the pioneer of China's energy conservation and environmental protection, and escort China's ecological environment.