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China: Consumer upgrades drive new home appliances

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-04-02 16:06:22
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It is true that small home appliances are not as rigid as home appliances and have a stable market. However, whether they are traditional life cooking products or new products such as vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, the entry of these small home appliances will undoubtedly lighten our housework. Labor improves the home environment and improves our quality of life. Perhaps the changes brought by small household appliances to our lives will be far more than this. 

In fact, compared with developed countries, the current penetration rate of China's small household electrical appliances has been relatively insufficient, and the market space for small household appliances is still relatively large. As China is ushering in a new round of consumer upgrading, the scale of small household appliances market is also expected to be realized. Sustained high growth. According to industry insiders, with the promotion of consumer upgrades, the market share of quality and high-quality small home appliances will increase rapidly.

Take the example of small home appliances that have recently become popular. In 2017, online retail sales of cooking machines reached 3.44 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 55%; offline retail sales reached 8.41 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 90%. Small appliances in the category alone. In addition, traditional cookery appliances such as rice cookers and pressure cookers have shown stronger growth momentum in the online market. Data show that the retail sales of rice cookers on the line is 5.79 billion yuan, an increase of 21% year-on-year; the share of the electric pressure cooker online is 2.91 billion yuan, an increase of 44% year-on-year.

Small home appliances, segmentation trend is obvious

With the impact of consumer appliance upgrades, users on the demand side are increasingly pursuing personalization in addition to commonalities. The breakdown of small home appliance categories has also become one of the major trends of the moment. For example, in rice cooker products with the strongest stickiness among small household appliances, the upgrading products represented by IH technologies have gradually been subdivided in the past two years, and often these subdivided products will also exhibit higher premium prices.

Vacuum cleaner products are gradually subdivided into categories such as handheld, horizontal, miniature, robotic, and eliminators. While satisfying the needs of different users' families, they also continue to drive the growth of market size. According to the data from Zhongkang, the compound annual growth rate of vacuum cleaners' e-commerce market has reached 89.0% in the past three years. The fastest growing category in vacuum cleaner products is the handheld pusher type products, of which Dyson has become the most watched handheld vacuum cleaner brand. 

For example, blender products have also been subdivided into mini-type, hand-held, and more high-end broken dishes. Among them, the multi-functionality of the broken-wall cooking machine has been gradually rising in the market due to higher speed. The leading brand of small household appliances represented by the company has also started to exert itself. The data shows that the offline market of broken food machines is expanding at a rate of 187.7%, and the average market price of the broken food machine exceeds the average price of the blender market by 72.3%.

"Two children" fully open, maternal and child small appliances into the air

In addition, maternal and child small household electrical appliances have gradually become a “spirit” in the past two years, attracting crowds.

Since the “second child” policy was opened in 2015, the maternal and child market has been hailed as a “big cake with hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Professionals expect that the effect of the comprehensive second-child policy will be highlighted in 2017, and will occur once in 2017-2019. Small childbearing peak, which will directly stimulate the increase in consumer demand for maternal and infant appliances, the future maternal and child market will be a strategic battleground for home appliance segmentation strategy.

From the perspective of specific product categories, the first two-child policy has stimulated increased demand for food products such as baby food supplements and nutritious porridge. Second, baby care is required to improve sterilization, health, cleanliness, and preservation. Finally, there is an increase in the demand for household appliances related to mothers and babies. From the public data analysis of VCInsights, the number of children aged 0-6 years in China is expected to exceed 125 million by 2020. More than 80% of them will be children of “after 80′′ parents, and “after 80′′ can be understood one-sidedly. As the “spokesperson” for quality consumption, their consumer perspective will be more prone to finding professional maternal and child products. Faced with such a huge population base, the future will make the field of maternal and child appliances become the “new blue ocean” that many manufacturers compete for.

From the standpoint of small household appliances, products are now more and more segmented and personalized. At the same time, the functional experience is more youthful and intelligent. The rich variety covers almost every aspect of our lives. It is believed that with the development of small home appliance products and the increasing number of households, the future of high-quality small appliances will revitalize our family lifestyle and lead the way of life.

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