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Printed circuit board company, Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Printed circuit board company, Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

  • 1.Layer count: 6L  MLB
  • 2.Materials:Mid-Tg  EM-370(5)
  • 3.Board thickness:1.27+/-0.1mm
  • 4.Finishing Size:151.20x287.60mm(1*9)
  • 5.Min Line w/s:inn 75/75um; out 75/100um
  • 6.Min drill size [FHS/DHS] :0.25/0.50mm
  • 7.Surface finish: Au Plating + OSP
  • 8.Other : HF 
Welcome to O-leading:
We are professional PCB manufacturer with ten years experiences. Products range-single, double side, multi-layer PCB, flexible PCB and MCPCB.
We can provide fast prototype service – S/S in 24hrs, 4-8layers in 48-96 working hrs production time. oem mobile phones pcb circuit board  with power supply.
Copper platee holes minmum 0.025 avg, 0.020 min. Holes may not be plugged.
Pack with colorless transparent bubble film, 25 PCS/ bag, put desiccant in flank, put humidity  indicator card on top side.

Layer structure

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