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Apple cuts iPhone XR order reason may be in PCB quality control?

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-11-12 15:11:07

Mobile Phone PCB supplier china

Earlier, a slightly rough report said that Apple told its manufacturer partners that the company would cut orders for iPhone XR due to lower-than-expected demand. The worry is that the scale of production cuts may reach 25%. Some people think that this may be further evidence that the iPhone has begun to slip from its peak, but the report seems to bring more questions than answers.

Apple is unlikely to cut production capacity sharply before the hot holiday shopping season. Comprehensive consideration, there must be a deeper reason behind it. It turns out that Apple may have actually issued a plan to cut production, but this decision has nothing to do with changes in demand.

According to a mobile analyst's research report, the problem may be in the quality control of the iPhone XR printed circuit board. Some printed circuit board suppliers'(PCB Prototype supplier china
shipment data has experienced a rapid decline, which may be related to the quality control of Skyworks PAs.

In short, the iPhone XR's production cuts are only temporary. In addition, due to the availability of three new iPhone products for consumers this year, Apple is still expected to see a significant increase in sales during the holiday shopping season.

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